EyeC shows fastest print inspection technology at the Labelexpo Asia 2017Toute l'actualité d'EyeC et de nos technologies d'inspection - EyeC

EyeC at Labelexpo Asia 2017

EyeC shows fastest print inspection technology at the Labelexpo Asia 2017

EyeC China and EyeC GmbH, the German expert for print inspection systems, presents its high-speed print inspection systems at the Labelexpo Asia 2017 in Shanghai from December 5 to 8, 2017. The company’s inspection systems support the most modern processes and ensure the print quality throughout the entire production process.

At Stand B35 in Hall E1 EyeC demonstrates together with the rewinder manufacturer Onemech the EyeC ProofRunner Label. The solution delivers 100% print inspection, even on the fastest presses or rewinders on the market, running at speeds of up to 600 meters per minute (2000 fpm).

The company also offers the EyeC Quality Link, which enables the inspection results from the press to be evaluated at a separate station and used later on the rewinder to remove all defective labels. The benefits are clear: The press operator can react more quickly to avoid expensive material waste, while rewinders can run more efficiently by avoiding unnecessary stops.

Moreover, EyeC shows its pre-press proofing software the EyeC Proofiler Graphic and its off-line inspection system the EyeC ProofBook. The latter checks the print quality of multi-page samples such as booklets, leaflets, catalogues, or user guides.

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